Last updated: February 2021

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What content is allowed to post?

You can post any Fun thing on Vider, especially for shop-able products! But, here are a few of the things that aren't allowed on Vider:

  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content.

  • Hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group.

  • Content that contains self-harm or excessive violence.

  • Spam.

What the Product Link(Bite) is for?


A Product Link in every post is a product page about the product inside a video post. If your audience is interested in the product you are showing in any creative ways, they can go check it out by themselves in just one click!

How long does it take for my video to be shown?


Your content will be displayed for everyone right after the video is successfully uploaded!

Can I change my post to private?


Coming soon! Since Vider is intended to offer a fun, open shopping experience, we encourage all the videos here are for the whole community. But, we understand your needs, you just want to be careful about your creation, so we are working on it now and will be available soon!

Why my post is taken down?


Mostly because of the violation of our Community Guidelines or the quality is too bad for the community. 

What can I do if I find some posts are not appropriate?


If you see something on Vider that doesn't follow the rules and may hurt the community, please use our Report function near the content or contact us at service@viderapp.com




What are Donuts?


Donut is the reward of your contribution to the Vider community, you earned it and you could spend it as cash in the future.  

How can I earn Donuts?


When you view someone's video completely, you will get some donuts as rewards. If you post your content with good quality, you will definitely get more! 

How can I use Donuts?


Donuts can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, products in the videos, or cashed out as a discount when you purchase on Vider in the future, so earn more while you can!!



Why my account is banned?


According to our Terms of Service, if you violate certain rules and harm the community, your account will be banned including all the points you earned.

Can I change my birthday?

Not at this moment, but if you have any question please feel free to email us at service@viderapp.com

How do I delete my user data?


We don't keep your personal information, but if you have any concern, please follow the instructions below for a complete deletion

1. Email us your account name at service@viderapp.com.

2. On the Subject, please include "Complete user deletion".

3. We will reply to you when the deletion work is done.


Please note that after the account is deleted completely, you will have to sign up again if you want to continue using Vider.